Wednesday 23rd September 2020
Little Range, Cunningar Rd, Boorowa NSW

Auction commencing at 1pm

Open day Friday 18th September, 10am – 4pm
The 110 Koonwarra May/June 2018 drop rams will be on display, individually penned, on Friday 18th September from 10am to 4pm. We welcome anyone who would like to come and view these paddock reared rams during the day.

More information will follow closer to the date. 

KOONWARRA bred Sires / Families Used for paddock joinings:

Koonwarra Charinga / Yarrawonga CHN20 – Blue ear tags

Koonwarra Roseville Park 015 – Yellow ear tags

Koonwarra Glenpaen Magic 030 – Dark Green ear tags

Koonwarra Glenpaen Magic 205 – Dark Green ear tags

Koonwarra BG 178 – Red ear tags

Koonwarra Uniform 071 – Purple ear tags

Claypans 323 Poll – Sky Blue ear tags

Koonwarra Winyar 027 – White ear tags

Koonwarra Pemcaw 048 Poll – Mustered ear tags


– Pemcaw Poll 012 progeny have mustard coloured tags. This sire is a double P Polled sire, with very good wool growth and style of fleece. He had sons in the 2016 sale group.

– Winyar 450 progeny have white coloured tags. We have used this ram a lot over several years and has had a number of sons too that have been used through the stud over the years. Winyar 450 is a large framed ram with a very stylish wool.

– Claypans Poll 323 progeny have sky blue coloured tags. The ram is impressive with a great sire outlook and body shape. He also has a very stylish fleece with wool tests to match. This is the second drop from this impressive sire. We have also used him in the paddock joinings.


Flock Ram sales commence in mid-October each year, by appointment.
Private inspections allow each client plenty of time to inspect and discuss their individual requirements.
These rams are from the same drop as those to be offered at the annual on-property ram sale in September.