Wednesday 23rd September 2020
Little Range, Cunningar Rd, Boorowa NSW

The 43rd Annual Koonwarra Merino and Poll Merino Stud’s Ram Sale will be held on Wednesday 23rd September 2020 at 1pm at Little Range, Boorowa, NSW. Inspections commence at 10am.

On offer will be 110 Fine/Medium and Medium May/June 2019 unhoused drop horn and poll rams.

You are welcome to attend the open inspection day on Friday 18th September 2020 from 10am to 4pm. All sale rams will be on display.

To assist with your selections, the sale rams were mid-side sampled on 11th August 2020 and fleece tested by Riverina Wool Testers, with the averages being micron 19.5, S.D. 3.3, C.V. 16.8, C.F. 99.0% and the average bodyweight, at scanning on 12.09.20, was 99.7kgs of the 110 rams selected for the ram sale.

The rams were shorn on 14th April 2020 for their Greasy Fleece Weight percentage. Their current Body Weights will be done in the week prior to the sale and displayed on the individual sale pen cards.

These rams have been paddock reared on grass with access to grain feeders, especially through the dryer season, but have not been shedded ensuring these young rams are acclimatised to natural conditions, be it weather patterns or grass availability. They are in good working order and well grown with good body weights. On sale day, these paddock raised rams will be 15 months old and will have 5 months wool on them.

The 2020 sale catalogue is available to download here.

Koonwarra bred sires / families used for paddock joining:

• KWA Glenpaen Magic 030 (KWA Magic 030): Dark Green tags
• KWA Glenpaen Magic 205 (KWA Magic 205): Dark Green tags
• KWA Boonoke 043 (KWA Boo 043): Lime Green tags
• KWA Charinga Doc 004 (KWA Doc 004): Dark Blue tags
• Claypans 323: Sky Blue tags
• KWA Claypans 017 (KWA CP 017): Sky Blue tags
• KWA Claypans 020 (KWA CP 020): Sky Blue tags
• KWA Winyar 029 (KWA W 029): White tags
• KWA Winyar 027 (KWA W 027): White tags
• KWA Uniform 077 (KWA U 077): Purple Tags
• KWA Roseville Park 065 (KWA RP 065): Yellow tags
• KWA BG 155: Red tags
Semen Sires used for A.I. program:

Pemcaw Poll 012: Progeny has Mustard eartags. This sire is a ‘double P’ polled sire with very good wool growth and style of fleece. This sire has had sons in the 2017 and 2019 sale groups of rams.

Nerstane Poll – 43: Progeny has Black eartags. This new poll sire was spotted at the Dubbo sheep show in 2018. A very well-built ram with great staple length and style. He has left us with some very impressive rams and just as good young ewes. We have been so impressed with this ram we used him in the late 2019 AI program for the 2020 drop as well.

Yarrawonga – 193: Progeny has Orange eartags. This new horn sire was also spotted at the Dubbo show in 2018 in the display pens that Yarrawonga merino stud had set up. We liked the wool style and the thickness of the wool and ordered semen doses from that ram straight away. This ram was later sold for $60,000 to three other merino studs.


Flock Ram sales commence in mid-October each year, by appointment.
Private inspections allow each client plenty of time to inspect and discuss their individual requirements.
These rams are from the same drop as those to be offered at the annual on-property ram sale in September.