Jono is the Stud Master of Koonwarra Merino Stud, while Jono and Charlie will work together in the management and classing of Koonwarra.


The management objectives for the Koonwarra Merino Stud are to continue to breed the Koonwarra type, which has developed under the guidance of Mr John Williams. The renowned “Koonwarra type” of sheep has evolved into one that offers a tremendous genetic balance of quality fine-medium wools on a great carcass, with its well-known traits such as easy care, doing ability, high fertility and lamb survival rate.

We believe Koonwarra Stud sheep have a large frame, good spring of ribs, length of body and with nourished white wool that has good staple length, a defined crimp and great fleece weights, with the ability to be used in vastly different climate areas of Australia.


KWA Sire Ramses II

Jono and Charlie intend to:

  • Uphold and improve the quality of the Koonwarra Merino Stud sheep.
  • Conduct an annual on-property rams sale on the last Wednesday in September.
  • Conduct open inspection days for clients and those interested in viewing Koonwarra merinos, before the annual ram sale on farm and by attending field days ie South West Slopes Merino Field day in early September.
  • Open flock ram sales and inspections (by appointment only) each year from mid October to allow clients and others interested in the Koonwarra merinos plenty of time to review on a one-to-one basis.
  • Assist and advise clients on ram selection when requested.
  • Visit clients and inspect or class clients sheep if requested.
  • Maintain current vaccination programs, such as Gudair, 6 in 1, and to maintain testing so Koonwarra is a Brucellosis Accredited Stud.
  • Participate in shows, sales and field days in NSW such as GSSM in Canberra in January and local shows such as Canberra, Boorowa and the South West Slopes Merino Field Day

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