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Koonwarra Merino Stud will continue along proven breeding plans, while at the same time exploring new avenues to continually improve our product – the rams we provide to our clients. Koonwarra is only as successful as its clients and we aim to make our clients’ sheep more profitable.

Koonwarra sheep have typically been a very versatile and productive sheep, which catering to the fine-medium wool markets. The emphasis has always been on frame and fleece production, with an average micron of around 20. This enables clients to control wool quality, while maintaining fleece production.
Koonwarra welcomes comparison with other studs. Comparisons should cover the key issues we believe for any fine-medium wool sheep, be it between individual studs or in trials, such as wether trials.

The profit indicators, such as values by the wool buyers, (rather than the average AWEX indicator for a micron range, as this that does not allow for the variations in type, style and handle etc) and for ease of management.


Duncan Oberg and Donna & Danny Barker with Jono & Charlie in 2012 holding their equal top priced rams – 3 rams @ $2400.​

All the following should be given due consideration:

  • Clean fleece weight
  • Micron
  • Style and handle of the fleece
  • White bright soft wool that can handle all climatic variations
  • Fleece breakdown
  • Fertility
  • Carcass
  • Maturity rate
  • Doing ability in both the very dry seasons and the wet seasons
  • Remaining productive and structurally sound sheep during a lengthy life time.

Also comparison should be over at a number of generations so that results are not distorted by the hybrid vigour effect on a first cross generation.

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