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In January 2006 Koonwarra Merino Stud commenced a new 50/50 partnership between Mr Charles Curran and his family and Mr Charlie Merriman and his family, with Koonwarra Merino Stud moving to Little Range Boorowa NSW. Mr Stuart Hodgson continued on as the Stud Classer – an association that began in 1998.

Under this new partnership, Charlie, Stuart and Jono were very diligent and focused on their vision for Koonwarra on productive sheep with white soft handling fine to fine/medium wool that can handle a wide variety of topography and climates, cutting plenty of wool off a plainer body type sheep. They were also strict on good conformation and spring of rib with strong heads and bodies that make Koonwarra merinos good for first cross breeding for meat and earlier maturing.

The annual AI program used Koonwarra bred sires and some outside stud sires with a number of these sires having some Koonwarra bloodline in their background. Outside AI sires used came from Nerstane (originally a Koonwarra daughter stud), Winyar (another stud that has used Koonwarra blood), One Oak, Roseville Park and Charinga.


Members of the Curran and Merriman families at the 2012 35th Koonwarra On-Property ram sale. L to R – Jono Merriman, Stuart Hodgson, Charles Curran AC LL.B FCPA., Charlie Merriman, Pip Merriman, Joe Curran, Ana Curran & Charles Curran Jnr.​

In May 2014 Mr Charles Curran and his family’s Capital Investment Rural Pty Limited sold their 50% interest in Koonwarra Merino Stud to Mr Charlie Merriman and Mr Jono Merriman and their family’s CT Merriman & Son partnership, bringing to an end a very happy and successful eight year association.
2014 also saw Mr Stuart Hodgson, Koonwarra’s Stud Classer for the last 16 years, retire from all his sheep classing duties, both in Australia and overseas.

Mr Charles Curran said: “We invited the Merriman family to join us in the ownership of Koonwarra (in 2005) in the light of their reputation for integrity, professionalism and commitment to the merino industry. Those qualities have been amply displayed during our joint ownership of the stud. From recent discussions, we recognised their wish to further increase their involvement in the stud and we were pleased that we were able to agree suitable terms to enable the Merriman family to take complete ownership of Koonwarra Merino Stud”

“My wife Eva, together with my son Joseph and his wife Michelle, have very much enjoyed the association with the Merriman family, an association that we look forward to maintaining on a personal level. We wish Charlie and Pip, together with Jono and Anna, every best wish for the future of Koonwarra Merino Stud and for Merrignee Merino & Poll Merino Studs.”

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