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  • Fri

    Great Southern Supreme Merino (GSSM) Field Day

    Little Range, Cunningar Rd, Boorowa NSW

    Koonwarra Merino Stud, along with Merrignee Merino & Poll Merino Stud, will have sheep on display for clients and others interested in inspecting the stud sheep. More information available closer to the date.

  • Sat

    Show & Sale Canberra Showground (EPIC)


    Fitzroy Pavilion, Canberra Showground (EPIC)

    Koonwarra Merino Stud, along with Merrignee Merino & Poll Merino Stud, will be taking a show and sale team to GSSM.

    Sale commences 11am on Monday 19th January 2015

    More information available closer to the date.

  • Fri

    Preview Inspection Day (On Property)

    10am - 4pm

    Little Range, Cunningar Road, Boorowa NSW


    On display will be the 80 May/June 2014 drop, unhoused rams to be offered at auction at the 38th Annual On-Property Ram Sale, individually penned for inspection with current fleece tests. 

    All welcome!


  • Wed

    38th Annual On-Property Ram Sale


    Little Range, Cunningar Road, Boorowa NSW

    The 80 May/June 2014 drop rams in this year’s sale catalogue (an increase from 70 rams offered in 2014) will be available for inspection from 10.00am, with the auction to commence at 1.00pm.

    To assist with your selections, the sale rams were mid-side sampled on 12th August 2015 and fleece tested by Riverina Wool Testers, with the averages being Micron 18.83, SD 3.41, CV 18.25, CF 98.96 of the rams selected for the Ram Sale.

    On the day of the sale, these Koonwarra paddock raised rams are not shedded, so these young rams are acclimatised to natural conditions, be it weather patterns or grass availability. They will be 15 months old and will have just over 5 months wool on them. The rams were shorn on 16th April 2015, for their Greasy Fleece Weight percentage.

    Their current Body Weights will be done in the week prior to the sale and displayed on the individual sale pen cards.

    They are in good working order, and well grown with good body weights.

    View, download or print the catalogue here.

    Koonwarra Breeding Families and Sire Information

    KOONWARRA bred Sires / Families Used for paddock joinings:

    KWA PURPLE family – Uniform 079

    KWA YELLOW family – RP 015 x Roseville Park 14

    KWA BROWN family – ES 038 x East Strathglen WA

    ES 040 x East Strathglen WA

    KWA BLUE family – CHN 111 (Charinga/Nerstane x KWA ewes)

    CHN 018 (Charinga/Nerstane x KWA ewes)

    BOUGHT STUD RAMS used for paddock joinings:

    KWA ORANGE family – Tara Park 156


    KWA GREY family – One Oak 52

    One Oak 76

    One Oak 104

    KWA WHITE family – Winyar 450

    KWA GREEN family – Grassy Creek 60 – first Poll Sire used.


    P.S. Please remember that all these May/June 2014 drop rams could have a 6 to 8 weeks' spread in their dates of birth, from the earliest AI lamb born to the last paddock joined lamb born. Therefore the ram body weights are done only as a guide. All 80 rams are weighed the week before the sale.

    On sale day, there will be individual and current (done on 16/8/15) information on each ram which includes the following – micron, SD, CV, GFW%, Comfort Factor, Spinning Fineness, Bodyweight percentage. PlusSire/Family and live Bodyweights.

    Health: All rams catalogued have been multiple vaccinated with 6 in 1. These rams to be offered have been vaccinated with Gudair as lambs, and are classified as approved vaccinates.  Koonwarra Merino Stud is Brucellosis Accredited Free and Vendors Declaration Footrot Free.

    Selling Agents:

    Vendor Rebate is 5% and will be paid to either the agency, advisor or classer, whichever is nominated by the Buyer in writing on the sale day on the Buyers Inspection Slip.  Local Boorowa agencies, Landmark and Elders will conduct the sale, with Landmark the settling agent.

    Landmark: Boorowa PH 02 63853174      A/H Simon Flick 0428 853 174   A/H Ross Arabin 0439 875 288

    Landmark Stud Stock & Auctioneer - Rick Power 0437 131 925

    Elders: Boorowa PH 02 63853107     A/H Dermot McGrath 0428 297 433    A/H Aaron Seaman 0488 915315