2020 Annual Sale Results

Koonwarra’s 43rd annual on-property ram sale, held on 23rd September, resulted in 94 of the 110 15 month old rams selling for an average of $2,308 with a top price $7,000.

The rams were commended for their presentation and were well sought after by repeat buyers who competed to take home large lines. As a draft, the rams had an average micron of 19.5, standard deviation (SD) of 3.3, coefficient of variation (CV) of 16.8, a comfort factor of 99.0 and greasy fleece weight percentage of 108.3.

The top ram, Koonwarra K19099, was purchased for $7,000 by Ben Johnson, Somersby Pastoral, Boorowa. The poll ram was by a Koonwarra sire that goes back to Poll Boonoke 150026. He recorded 18.5 micron, 2.7 SD, 14.6 CV, a comfort factor of 99.2 and a body weight of 118 kilograms and had an eye muscle depth (EMD) of 42 millimetres, (EMW) width of 88mm and a fat scan of 6.5mm.

The top priced ram at Koonwarra’s 43rd annual ram sale with (left to right) Nutrien auctioneer, Ricky Power, purchaser, Ben Johnson, Somersby Pastoral, Boorowa, and stud principal, Jono Merriman.

The ram was one of six Mr Johnson bought in total for an average price of $3,625. Mr Johnson said the sale-topper would take his flock forward. “This team will go over my maidens and we’ll look at putting him over some specially selected ewes out of those maidens,” Mr Johnson said. “He’s got a lot of wool, heaps of it, and he’s a beautifully built animal.”

The Webb and O’Berg families of Leswell Pastoral, Bowning competed strongly for their picks of the draft, purchasing five rams for a top price of $5,000, the second highest paid in the sale, and average of $4,200. Purchaser, Emma Webb said their average was always higher than the sale’s as they were prepared to pay for the quality they were chasing. “We’ve been with Koonwarra now for 13 years and over that time we’ve seen a consistent steady improvement in our flock … we’ve just come through one of the most testing times with the drought and we shore in July and were just astounded by the results and the amount of wool they cut,” Mrs Webb said. Their $5,000 ram was by Pemcaw Poll 012 and had 18 micron, 2.9 SD, 16.1 CV, a comfort factor of 99.2, greasy fleece weight per cent of 109.4 and was one of the heaviest in the sale with a body weight of 120 kilograms.

Leswell Pastoral also bought the top horned ram of the day for $4750. The ram was sired by KWA Magic 030 and had 19.6 micron, 3.1 SD, 15.8 CV, a comfort factor of 99.2 and a greasy fleece weight percentage of 119.1

The volume buyer of the day was the Willows, Cootamundra, managed by Nathan Shaw, who came away with a total of 16 rams for an average of $2297. Mr Shaw said it was their third year purchasing from Koonwarra and they were looking for medium wool, heavy cutting rams.

Other buyers included Windridge Farms, Young who took home 11 rams for an average of $2,409. Glencoe Wool, Reids Flat managed to buy 10 for an average of $2,425. The rams will form part of their restocking efforts following the drought.