2017 Annual Sale Results

KOONWARRA MERINO STUD’S 40TH ANNUAL RAM SALE, held on Wednesday 20th September on-property at Little Range, saw 85 of 90 rams offered sold. This was the best clearance rate since Jono Merriman and C.T. Merriman and Son took over full ownership and management of the Koonwarra Stud in 2014.
With an increase the number of rams successfully sold from 80 in 2016 to 90 in 2017, the top price was $4,800, reached twice for Lots 70 and 89 – an increase from $4,500 in 2016. The average was slightly down, by $80, to $1,940 and additional rams were sold after the sale.

The 90 rams offered in 2017 averaged 20 microns (an increase of 0.5 microns from 2016) and their average body weight was 92.5kgs (an increase of 14.5kg from 2016). The 2017 ram sale saw a good crowd of buyers and some interested on-lookers that were closely inspecting the rams on offer on the day. There was a lot of competition for those top rams in the sale with the 2017 sale seeing a new highest price paid for a ram at the Little Range on-property sale.

The rest of the sale saw a good spread of prices. Talking to clients about the 2017 sale their comments were that it was a very even line up of rams, which allowed them to find a lot of rams that fitted their objectives. One client remarked after the sale that he had over double the rams noted as top picks than he needed so he had plenty of scope to choose his rams from.

Buyer Ian Geppert with his two top priced rams, Lots 70 and 80, with Jono and Charlie holding the rams. Ian with his wife Vanessa and their family are repeat buyers.
These two 15–16 month old rams were both paddock raised (not shedded) weighed 99 kgs and 101 kgs with April 2017 shorn fleeces. Both sired by Merrignee bred sires – KWA U-071 (purple family) and KWA W–450 (white family) – from paddock joining. Lot 70 was 21 microns with good SD of 2.9, CV 13.8, CF 99.4% and GFW taken on the April shearing of 105.3%. Lot 89 also had very good fleece figures of 19 microns, SD 3.2, CV 17.5, CF 99.4% and GFW 119.2%.